Spoonful Yogurt Cafe

Frozen Yogurt 

Our Frozen Yogurt is sourced from Real California Dairy and boosted with Probiotics and Live & Active cultures that benefits your overall digestive system. We offer up to 14 Delicious, smooth, creamy flavors, with kosher and/or Non-Dairy Options available.

Yogurt Bar

Sometimes, we don’t have the time to sit down and enjoy a dessert. that is why we offer Yogurt Bars, which are perfect for when you are “on-the-go” . They come is three flavors: Pina Colada. Trio Berries and Mango!

D.I.Y (Do It Yourself) Smoothie

You now have the choice to build your own smoothie with our yogurts and toppings! Feel free to combine any flavors you desire, along with any toppings that will make your dessert complete.


  • 11am – 10pm

PHONE : 951-729-5882

WEBSITE : www.spoonfulcorp.com

EMAIL : info@spoonfulcorp.com


4270 Riverwalk Parkway #120

Riverside, CA 92505


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