Omega-3 Fish Oil for Dogs & Cats

Our Mini Softgels are specially made to effectively minimize leakage and fishy odor when consumed by pets and helps keep the oil fresh. By utilizing Mini Softgels, we are able to offer exact measurements of Omega-3 Salmon Oil, making it easier to give our pets exactly what they need. Omega-3 Pet Series are an essential nutrient not just for humans, but pets as well. The supplementation of Omega-3 Fatty Acids, such as EPA and DHA help supports joint health, immune system, hair and skin health, brain and eye development, and help maintain a healthy life for your pet.

We did not add any color nor flavoring to our wild-caught Fish Oil. All of Spoonful’s Omega-3 Pet Series have the same lab-tested, quality-controlled oil as in our human products. Please consult your pet’s veterinarian when using this product for your pet.

All Spoonful’s products are made in the USA by a leading manufacturer in a state of the art facility complied with GMP. We promise to provide only the best quality products that are researched and manufactured by highly skilled researches and engineers for our customers.