Krill Oil 1,000mg Enteric Coated

Contains 1,000mg krill oil per single serving (1 Capsule). Krill oil is highly rich in natural antioxidant astaxanthins, omega-3 fatty acids, and EPA & DHA phospholipids. Our Enteric Coating offers more benefits compared to regular softgels. Our Enteric Coating softgels stay intact until it reaches the small intestines for efficient & optimal absorption. While regular softgels may keep the softgels’ contents inside, Enteric Coating serves as an additional barrier to keep the softgels’ contents safe from oxidization. For those who experience discomfort when taking softgels, Enteric Coating may help defend your stomach from unpleasant experiences.

Made in USA:
All Spoonful’s products are made in the USA by a leading manufacturer in a state of the art facility complied with GMP. We promise to provide only the best quality products that are researched and manufactured by highly skilled researches and engineers for our customers.