Formula 1
January 4, 2017
January 4, 2017


100% Ceramide Serum

Product Description Ceramide is naturally found in our skin’s outer layer and aides our skin in retaining moisture. However, when ceramide levels are low, our skin’s ability to retain moisture is affected and may result to dry, irritated, and/or sensitive skin. If the skin begins to lose elasticity, the loss of water may cause skin folds, or wrinkles. Our serum is sourced from ingredients that will visibly support your skin. Formula 2 is a silky-smooth, serum that works the moment it is applied onto skin.
Benefits Helps hydrating skin
How to Use Step 1: Use the product after cleansing the face.
Step 2: Before applying makeup, apply a few drops of Formula 2 Ceramide Serum to the face, neck, or any area which needs protection.
Step 3: Repeat every morning and evening to have consistent care.
Made in USA Jasmine Cosmetics has an upmost interest in sourcing quality raw materials and producing our product consistently up to industry standards. Based on our belief, we only make our products in the USA.